Sacred Havan

Havan/yagna is one of the most common rituals in Hindu culture.  Havan is, in essence, a purifying ritual.  Just as fire purifies everything it touches, so we perform havan that our lives may be made pure.  So, as we place the offerings into the flames, we symbolically offer all our ‘impurities’ – anger, greed, jealousy, grudges, pain – as we pray to God to make our lives as pure as the ghee we pour into the flames.

Also, the yagna reminds us to give, give and give.  At the end of the mantras and slokas chanted by the priests, it says “Idam Namamah, Idam Namamah.”  This means, “Not for me, but for You.”  It reminds us that everything we do in life must be for others, for God, for the world.   This is the root of yagna and the root of happiness in life.

During the Kumbh Mela camp, sacred havan will be performed daily before the divine Sangam Aarti ceremony.