KIVA Kumbh Mela: Nature, Culture & Future

14-17th February, 2019


The elders will travel from the West to the East representing the ancestral cultures of Abya Yala (the Americas), and with their traditions & legacy will seek the unification of the original communities of the world.  They will meet the saints and sadhus at Kumbh Mela, who already have predicted this encounter that will gather more than 40 million people around Nature & Spirituality.

The Kiva is an altar for the Earth where the elders give the offerings and prayers of their communities. Today these Kivas that are cared of by Roots of the Earth continue to be created and are connected between Mexico, the United States, Chile, Peru, Austria, Holland and Colombia, where in 2015 the United Nations of the Spirit was born.   In February of 2019 the ancestral essence of America will travel to India, to the largest religious festival in the world… Kumbha Mela!

Led by Pujya Swami Chidanand Saraswatiji, Pujya Swami Paramadvaitiji, Heriberto Villasenor of Mexico, and many other leaders, the Kiva in the Kumbh Mela will be visited by leaders and authorities to share their prayers.

With this pilgrimage and the ceremony of the Kiva we will share the Fire and Prayer, and together we will ask for the protection of the Holy Rivers with a purpose of unity.

The Kiva is a sacred circular creation within the earth, with a fire in the center and four main altars to honor the elements or directions of creation. It is used as a sacred instrument to receive prayers from beings of ancestral hierarchy, forming a vibration of multidimensional healing.

United Nations of the Spirit is the true union in the Spirit of beings, which still remain connected to the original and divine essence of our Mother Earth. For the first time, there will be real union of the Eastern and Western Spiritual Nations of our Mother Earth. The Kiva will serve as an instrument of healing and integration of the bridge of wisdom, love, and ancestral fraternal knowledge that springs from the heart of the Earth, thus forming the United Nations of the Spirit – the true hope for peace and love among the children of the Earth.

The Kiva will be accompanied by seven purification rites: sacred chants in various languages, sacred dance to unite our hearts and dance together, sacred fire lit by native elders, a sweat lodge with special invocations, spiritual lectures, cleaning of the holy area to set an example, and distribution of sacred food. The Kiva ceremony consists of visits to the five altars by leaders and authorities to share their prayers, playing a drum beat for world recovery, taking dips in the holy Sangam, night prayers around the sacred fire, holy river ceremonies such as Ganga Aarti, and Agni Hotra fire ceremonies. There will also be a Sacred Women’s Empowerment Workshop, Conscious Theater, Spiritual Music to deliver Mother Bhumi’s call for love, and a teenager sacred circle where selected youth participants will sing and share their world.

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